Great Salt Lake Plans

The Great Salt Lake Comprehensive Management Plan and Mineral Leasing Plan revision process occurred over a three-year period. The process, beginning in March 2010, involved numerous opportunities for public involvement. There were three rounds of public meetings and comment periods: 1) at scoping in March 2010, 2) at the release of the draft GSL CMP in May 2011, and 3) at the release of the Draft Final GSL CMP in March 2012. Throughout the process, a total of fifteen meetings occurred in Davis, Tooele, Salt Lake, Box Elder, and Weber Counties. During the development of the GSL Lake Level Matrix and Lake Level–Specific Management Strategies, FFSL held two rounds of stakeholder meetings, in January 2011 and November 2011, to get feedback on a range of resource-specific lake-level impacts. The Final Comprehensive Management Plan was completed in March of 2013.