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The Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands (FFSL) has direct management jurisdiction over lands below the Great Salt Lake meander line and all of Fremont Island. However, FFSL recognizes the importance of the Great Salt Lake ecosystem, including resource values and uses outside of the meander line that affects or are affected by actions on sovereign lands. Accordingly, FFSL considers it imperative that the management of Great Salt Lake include coordination in planning and actions by other agencies with jurisdictional responsibility for these resources.

Great Salt Lake is a unique and complex ecosystem of regional and hemispherical importance. Sustainable use of Great Salt Lake’s natural resources will ensure that the ecological health (e.g., water quality, shoreline condition, salinity, aquatic organisms, wildlife, wetlands), scenic attributes, extractive industries (e.g., minerals, brine shrimp, microorganisms), and recreation opportunities (e.g., bird watching, hunting, sailing) will be maintained into the future. FFSL coordinates with other states, federal, and local entities to ensure that the management of these resources will provide lasting benefits to the Public Trust. Great Salt Lake is managed by FFSL under the Great Salt Lake Comprehensive Management and Mineral Leasing Plans.


Great Salt Lake Interagency Website

This website is a collaboration of state and federal agencies, non-profit organizations, academic partners, and Great Salt Lake councils and committees. Website information includes management and partners, environment and ecology, industry and recreation, action and resources, and how you can get involved.

Great Salt Lake Enhancement Projects

On behalf of the State of Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands and Division of Water Resources and the Great Salt Lake Advisory Council, SWCA Environmental Consultants (SWCA) has developed a database of implementation projects that could benefit the Great Salt Lake (GSL). The Great Salt Lake Enhancement Projects (project) aims to gather information from a diverse range of stakeholders regarding proposed projects that could increase water delivery, improve or conserve GSL habitat, or provide other tangible benefits to the lake. The resulting list of projects will be used to identify funding mechanisms and opportunities for future collaboration. This includes projects surrounding the GSL and, where appropriate, those that extend into the Weber River, Bear River, and Jordan River watersheds. 

While several efforts are underway to develop long-term solutions to protect the GSL, numerous immediate projects could be implemented to maintain and improve lake levels and habitat in the short term. This project provides a master list of GSL projects that have been collected from over 60 GSL stakeholders.

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Recommendations to Ensure Adequate Water Flows to Great Salt Lake and Its Wetlands

In response to the decrease in Great Salt Lake levels, the Utah Legislature passed “Concurrent Resolution to Address Declining Water Level of Great Salt Lake” (HCR-10) in 2019. The resolution recognizes “the critical importance of ensuring adequate water flows to Great Salt Lake and its wetlands to maintain a healthy and sustainable ecosystem.” To avoid adverse impacts to Utah’s economy, environment, and the public health of its citizens, long-term watershed planning is required. HCR-10 recommended that a diverse group of stakeholders convene to make recommendations on how to ensure adequate water flows to Great Salt Lake. Their report was completed in December 2020.

The Great Salt Lake Hydro Mapper is now live! Use this new tool to understand current Great Salt Lake conditions.

Great Salt Lake Hydro Map link to website.
Great Salt Lake Hydro Mapper

Great Salt Lake Importance

Flyer: The Great Salt Lake benefits our economy, our environment, and our ecology.
Flyer: The Great Salt Lake benefits our economy, our environment, and our ecology.
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Great Salt Lake, The Key to Our Past and Our Future

Great Salt Lake Phragmites

 Great Salt Lake Phragmites Information Document