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Bear Lake Comprehensive Management Plan Update

The Utah Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands (FFSL) is updating the 2009 comprehensive management plan (CMP) for the state-owned, sovereign land sections of Bear Lake, specifically the sections of the lake in Rich County, Utah. The ordinary high water mark (OHWM) of Bear Lake is generally recognized to be at 5,923.65 feet above mean sea level. The bed of Utah’s part of Bear Lake lying below the OHWM is sovereign land. Utah Admin Code R652-2-100 authorizes FFSL to prescribe land management objectives for sovereign lands. The beds of navigable waters within the state are owned by the state but held in trust for the public. FFSL is required to ensure that all uses on, beneath or above the bed of Bear Lake are regulated to protect navigation, fish and wildlife habitat, aquatic beauty, public recreation, and water quality. The updated comprehensive management plan will ensure that FFSL follows clear and consistent guidance on the management of Bear Lake’s resources.

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Draft Bear Lake CMP

Bear Lake CMP Amendment Appendix F

The Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands (FFSL) has been working with partners, stakeholders, and landowners to amend the Bear Lake Comprehensive Management Plan (CMP). The purpose of this CMP Amendment has been to update the CMP in accordance with the current statute and to provide policies and guidance regarding the installation of seasonal and permanent ramp structures on sovereign land at Bear Lake.

For additional information or questions regarding sovereign land at Bear Lake, please contact Matt Coombs at or 435-752-8701, ext 33.