Twin Peaks

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing a qualified, professional team of personnel individually capable of achieving objectives specified by incident management teams and cooperators. We will operate safely, yet efficiently and encourage cohesive practices within the organization of the crew.


We hope to achieve recognition based on quality leadership, teamwork and training while creating an environment that will harbor a safe and effective engaged learning opportunity. We desire progression and development in making the Twin Peaks Initial Attack program an indispensable service to the public and fire community.

Crew Values

Safety  |  Duty  |  Honesty  |  Respect  |  Integrity  |  Pride

  • All tasks will occur in a safety conscious manner, if an assignment does not fulfill the safety standards, you must identify a safe alternative to complete the task.
  • Adhere to all professional standards, become proficient in assignments given, take accountability for personal actions and utilize positive feedback whenever appropriate.
  • Convey truth in your statements, acknowledge accountability for your actions and promote trust within the team.
  • State intent of assignments or tasks, obtain a resolution for personal conflicts within the team, recognize individual accomplishments and reward them appropriately.
  • Understand your limitations, seek opportunities for improvement, accept responsibility for your actions, and do not show discouragement if faced with opposition.
  • Have satisfaction in your accomplishments, exhibit professionalism in your actions, and embody the Twin Peaks program with honor.

Crew Expectations

  • Extreme Ownership: The key to being a good leader and follower. Take full responsibility for your actions, what has happened or what will be happening. If the crew doesn’t understand the mission I have failed as a leader for not conveying the message in the right manner. It is our job as overhead make sure the crew knows the task, purpose and end state of each assignment is being met.
  • Believing is the First Step: We need to believe in each other’s abilities and work output. If I don’t believe in the mission how do I expect the crew to believe in it. Never follow blind if you do not understand what you have been told ask for clarification. Do not have an individualistic mentality we cannot build a team if you participate and function as an individual.
  • Ego: Beware of your ego let an ego interfere with the functionality of the team. Drop your ego at the door so everyone on the crew can trust each other in our decision making. Stay Humble.
  • K.I.S.: Keep it simple. Do not over complicate the mission. Be straight up, Task, Purpose, End state.
  • Time Management: Setting priorities and completing them. Once your priorities are set you won’t be submerged by demands, challenges and uncertainties of the job.
  • Indecision and Uncertainty: Step up and make the hard decision. If you don’t act I will hold you accountable for the indecision. If you make a decision and the outcome isn’t the best but everyone is safe I will have your back and I will make it learning opportunity. Do not waffle with decisions, period.
  • Discipline: The more we practice and build correct habits we will be very successful. I have very high expectations but this is to make sure we are the best crew possible. Work hard, Embrace the suck and embody the warrior’s mindset. Motivation comes and goes. Find the drive not the motivation. Don’t let things out of your control derail your drive and passion for the job. Always clean your gear. First clean crew gear, Second clean your personal gear, then clean yourself.