Lone Peak Hotshots

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Mission Statement

Through hard work, accountability, and training, the Lone Peak Hotshots will be an efficient, professional, and respected interagency Hotshot Crew. Our crew will act with great character and remain respectful and aware of others. We will strive to meet any challenge we encounter without fear of failure.

Core Values

Safety  |  Duty  |  Respect |  Integrity  |  Teamwork  |  Self Discipline  |  Family

Each member of the Lone Peak Hotshots Crew will be responsible and accountable for upholding the crew’s core values, mission, and goals. Each individual will exemplify the crew’s core values through actions, training, and standard operating procedures.

Crew Expectations

  • Always strive to maintain a high level of professionalism and demand quality results.
  • Establish and promote crew cohesion to maintain a safe and efficient work environment.
  • Always treat others with respect and dignity.
  • Always maintain situational awareness for yourself and others.
  • Utilize self-motivation in all aspects of the job.
  • Understand your leader’s intent, and know the task, purpose, and end state of the assignment.
  • Practice safe working techniques.
  • Strive for self-improvement.

Organizational Goals

  • Be proficient and competent in individual positions.
  • Develop and support a training and experience base to maintain the integrity of the crew.
  • Lead by example.
  • Remain motivated and committed to delivering a quality product.
  • Look for and pursue more responsibility.