Utah Forest Practices Act

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What is the Utah Forest Practices Act?

The Utah Forest Practices Act (FPA) is a state law which requires the registration of operators and notification by operators of intent to conduct forest practices. You can view the Forest Practices Act law on the Utah State Legislature page.

 An “operator” means a person who:

  • is responsible for conducting forest practices; or
  • through a contractual agreement with a landowner is obligated to or entitled to conduct forest practices or to carry out a timber sale.
  • A vigorous, well-stocked forest on its way to maturity.

Purpose of the FPA

  • Approximately 25% of Utah’s forests are in non-federal ownership. Timber harvesting on state and private lands has increased in recent years.
  • Ensure the protection of forest, soil and water resources by:
    • preserving water quality and soil stability
    • preventing fire hazard and insect infestation
    • minimize waste of timber resources
    • protect forest regeneration and production

What are Forest Practices?

Forest practices are those activities related to growing, harvesting or processing forest products. Forest practices include the following:

  • harvesting of trees such as thinning and salvage operations
  • new road construction and maintenance associated with harvesting or accessing trees
  • site preparation for regeneration of a timber stand
  • reforestation
  • management of logging slash

Forest practices do not include the following:

  • harvest of Christmas trees
  • harvest of trees for non-commercial, personal use by the owner
  • harvesting operations encompassing fewer than 5 contiguous acres of forest land.

Download the following forms:

Operator Registration Form 
Notification of Intent to Conduct Forest Practices Form

Utah Code and Administrative Rules

Forest Practices Act Code
Administrative Rules – Forest Practices Act

Operators and Sawmills

List of Registered Operators to conduct forest practices in Utah.

Sawmills Processing Utah’s Timber