Forest Stewardship

Land Steward

A Land Steward believes in concepts and practices of conservation. Utah’s Forest Stewardship Program provides education and resources.

It takes more than just caring about the land. Anyone can be a landowner. It takes education and resources to be a land steward…someone who believes in the concepts and practices of conservation. Applying principles of forest stewardship will:

  • Generate income.
  • Improve forest productivity.
  • Provide diversified fish and wildlife habitat.
  • Protect water quality.
  • Guard against soil erosion.
  • Provide recreation and aesthetic opportunities.
Pine trees photo


Utah’s Forest Stewardship Program provides education, technical Assistance, and financial support. It encourages long-term management of nonindustrial private forest lands and strives to foster and promote the concept of stewardship. The program recognizes landowners who apply stewardship principles to their forest land. And as a forest steward, you will be publicly recognized for your commitment and care for the land with a Stewardship Forest sign for your property.


Forest Stewardship Program participation requires you to be a private, nonindustrial land-owner. Nonindustrial lands are defined as those owned by any private individual, group, association, corporation, Indian tribe or other private legal entity. Rural lands, including wetlands or uplands, with existing tree cover or lands suitable for growing trees also are eligible.

For More Information

Make the most out of your forest lands, both now and in the future. Utah’s Forest Stewardship Program can help.

For more information contact your local Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands office or email the Forest Stewardship Coordinator.

Utah’s Forest Water Quality Guidelines

Utah’s Forest Water Quality Guidelines Technical Manual