Lone Peak Conservation Center

Utah Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands


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LPCC's mission is to ensure the long term viability of our program by delivering highly reliable resources to support wildfire and land management needs of our agency, cooperators, and clients. We fulfill all commitments with professionalism, focusing on a progressive approach to planning, preparation and the constant attention to safe operations.


We are the premier pool of fire and land management professionals, relentless in our endeavor to deliver highly reliable resources that fulfill commitments to the public.


  • WE embrace a safety conscious approach to all tasks.
  • WE address all tasks with the same level of commitment and ambition.
  • WE develop competent and forward thinking leadership.
  • WE solve problems through collaboration and teamwork.
  • WE look for and create efficiencies in all operations.
  • WE maintain the ability to evaluate and adjust operations.
  • WE provide an environment for honest feedback.